Victoire Viannay

Victoire Viannay

Datum för intervju: 2018-03-20

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Fluicells vision är att leda motsvarigheten till den digitala revolutionen inom experimentell medicinsk forskning. Detta gör Fluicell genom att erbjuda och utveckla smarta, effektiva och kostnadsbesparande produkter för att främja utveckling av nya läkemedel. Fluicell bryter ny mark i en tidigare outforskad marknadsnisch, vilken är fokuserad på encellsbiologi. Man kan enkelt säga att vad som resulterade i teknikutvecklingen mot digital fotografi med högre upplösning och mer datakraft är precis vad Fluicell vill åstadkomma inom medicinsk forskning.

Could you please tell us a bit about you and your background?

I am a French citizen living in Sweden. I am married to a Swedish man with whom I have 2 kids. I am very interested in art, macro photography and human rights. I try to read books and underground comics as much as possible. I lived both in France, Sweden and India and spent a lot of time in the USA. These experiences have not only shaped my personality but also helped me to understand the world both from a business and cultural perspective which, I believe, is an important knowledge for a CEO in a company with global ambition.

I have a Ph.D. in Law from Université Paris II – Panthéon/Assas in Paris. I have experience of management from large research institutes such as Institut Curie which is a world- leading Cancer Institute in Paris and universities such as Chalmers, as well as experience from startups.
Before becoming CEO at Fluicell, I was Chief Operating Officer. I am also former Chief Legal and Human Resources Officer at PSL Research University in Paris where I was part of the start-up team. The program has been very successful and the University is today ranked top 100 in the world.

Please describe Fluicell and your business for our readers. 

Fluicell is a Biotech company from Göteborg founded in 2012 as a spin-off from Chalmers.

We are specialized in developing microtechnology for life science market.

Since 2015, we are working actively to transform the company from being a local single-product company to a global multi-product company.

We currently have two products called Biopen® and Dynaflow® Resolve which are based on using Single-cells for drug screening and Cell Biology that have been sold to leading universities, institutes and pharma companies such as NIH, the FDA, Karolinska Institutet, Novartis, Genentech etc.

In addition, we are developing a Bioprinter, the Biopixlar™ Retina, to be launch in 2019. We already have an early stage prototype which is working beyond expectations.
With this Bioprinter, the pharma industry will have access to more disease like model early in the drug development process which, we believe, is very important. Today we are focusing on cancer models but the Bioprinter can work with any cells which are relevant in any disease.

Can you elaborate on Fluicells business model?

Starting from very low numbers, the company has adopted an aggressive business and growth plan. First, the company is expanding its product catalog both organically, by in-house invented and developed products, as well as through in-licensing deals. In addition to the Biopixlar™ Retina bioprinting platform, two more products are currently under consideration for inlicensing. All our products are transformative, and appeal to discerning medical and drug development experts globally, and for our BioPen® and Dynaflow® product lines we have today some of the world´s strongest and most respected universities, pharmaceutical companies, and national health laboratories as customers. Second, US is the major market representing ca. 70% of global uptake, and we use a mix of direct sales and distributor. Third, we are developing cross over sales opportunities for our two marketed products, and develop sales in academia for Dynaflow® Resolve, and industrial sales for BioPen®. Fourth, Fluicell is highly aware of the importance of code-of-conduct, social responsibility and strives for technology solutions which are environmentally friendly, sustainable, and that ultimately reduces costs, resource use, and the use of experimental animals. Fifth, Fluicell’s main target sectors today are universities, research institutes and pharmaceutical companies. Going forward, we will also target the cosmetic, and nutritional market sectors.

With scalable in-house microfluidic production, key relationships for hardware and electronics development and a broad, and strong IP portfolio, transformative products and pipeline, as well as a significant market presence, and a highly performant team, Fluicell has a great opportunity to become a global market leader.

What is the biggest risk involved in Fluicells business?

Today we see little risks, but it is a very competitive market and time to market is critical. Given that we have all resources in place, of course, execution is going to be important. But we feel we have the right people on board with the right motivation.

Fluicell is currently raising 32,7 MSEK in a rights issue and the Company is after that to be listed on Nasdaq First North. What are the main reasons for this?

So far, the company managed to make tremendous progress with the capital and funds that were available to us. We are now entering in a new phase for which we need to raise a capital of about 33MSEK. A large portion of the proceed will be allocated to the development and release of the first generation of the BioPixlar™ Retina product. The rest of the proceed will mostly be used to continue the construction of a sales, business development and marketing organization, for hiring more staff, to create commercial partnerships with major pharmaceutical companies. NASDAQ First North is a great market place for us to disclose our ambitions to a broader audience. This, we believe, is a key trigger for the future growth and success of Fluicell.

Can you tell us about how large the potential market is for Fluicell's Products?

The market size is between 500 MUSD and 1.3 mdUSD and is growing at a healthy average rate with a double digit CAGR every year.

Why is buying shares in Fluicell a good investment?

We are addressing a strong rapidly growing market with double digit yearly growth rate.

We have identified market needs and a unique niche where we think we can be the market leader.

We have a strong product portfolio backed-up by strong IP.

We have the right people on board and we are fully aligned to become successful.

Our technologies are generating unique date and leading to less material consumption, more sustainability, less animal testing which can be summed up in one sentence: discover more by consuming less!

What is your long-term vision for Fluicell? Where do you see Fluicell in 5 years?

Our ambition for the next 5 years is to be a profitable mid-cap company with significant revenues.

Fluicell is very well situated to meet its vision of being the premier solution provider for single-cell technologies in the life sciences and develop into a global market leader.


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